Friday, September 3, 2010

How to make money on RuneScape

This blog will consist of short guides on how f2p players in RuneScape can make a decent cash pile. This is not however, a guide to being the richest player on RuneScape, it is only a few simple techniques to get you started on your way.


 Woodcutting is one of the easiest ways of making money at low levels, as regular logs sell for around 70-100 gp on the Grand Exchange, and oak logs sell for slightly more. To get started woodcutting, here's what you need to do:

  •  If you don't already have one, stop by "Bob's Axes" in Lumbridge (the city you start in) and pick up a free bronze hatchet.
  • Next, go North to Varrock, and take the Grand Exchange Tutorial, so you can sell your logs, and make money
  • Level 1-15: Make sure you have your hatchet with you, and head to the entrance of the Grand Exchange. There are many normal trees here for you to cut. After your Inventory is full, take the logs north, and sell them, then bank your money and repeat until you are level 15.
  • Level 15-?: use your money made from getting 15 woodcutting to buy a steel hatchet, and a mithril hatchet. You can sell the bronze hatchet, or just drop it at this point. Use your steel hatchet until level 21 woodcutting, then switch to your mithril hatchet. At this point, you should start cutting oak trees. The nearest oak tree, is south of the Grand Exchange, and west of the bank. Now, instead of selling every load of logs, you should use the bank to the east to deposit your logs, then sell them when you have a decent amount.

Woodcutting yew logs does not become effective until 75+ woodcutting, so either continue to cut oaks until that level, or train on willow logs, which are only 8gp each.  Also, as you advance your woodcutting level, better hatchets will become available, which you should immediately buy. Here is a list of all the hatchets, and their respective levels
  • Bronze Hatchet: Requires Level 1
  • Iron Hatchet: Requires Level 1
  • Steel Hatchet: Requires Level 6
  • Black Hatchet: Requires Level 6
  • Mithril Hatchet: Requires Level 21
  • Adamant Hatchet: Requires Level 31
  • Rune Hatchet: Requires Level 41
Hope you enjoyed my first guide to making money on RuneScape, happy 'Scapin.

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